TradingView Automated Trading

TradingView is a cloud-based trading platform that integrates market information and offers unique research, analysis, and trading capabilities. One of the core benefits of using Dotoshi for traders is the ability to build a TradingView bot that can be easily automated using our platform. Such an approach would enhance your trading results and will make sure that you stick to your trading system.

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What is TradingView bot?

TradingView has its own programming language (PineScript) that allows traders to specify a set of predefined criteria. The main benefit of the pine script is that it is easy to use and does not have any limitations in terms of indicators. These TradingView scripts can be standalone indicators or entire trading systems that can be deployed to any chart afterwards. Creating the strategy script allows you to backtest your trading ideas and TradingView will provide the detailed results of the strategy backtest. At the same time the strategy can be easily adjusted and fine tuned to make sure that you get the best possible results in your trading. TradingView strategy or script can then be automated with a platform – Dotoshi. Once a TradingView bot generates an alert, it will be sent to Dotoshi, where it will create a strategy order that will be sent to the exchange. TradingView bot trading has proved to be a great way to create and automate any trading idea into a trading bot. Thus, with a means of Dotoshi it is possible to trade with TradingView.

What are TradingView alerts?

After building, backtesting, and fine-tuning the TradingView signals bot, the trader may create chart alerts to tell him when the requirements are satisfied and the script is signaling to enter or leave the position. These alerts will be modified into the trading bot crypto commands that would be sent directly to the exchange. Such notifications will help the trader with order execution and can enhance trading outcomes if the user follows the predefined trading method.

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How to automate TradingView scripts?

TradingView notifications may be automated with Dotoshi, which allows your TradingView bot to automatically execute orders on the cryptocurrency exchange of your choosing.

Quick TradingView automated trading tutorial:

  • 1. Register an account
  • 2. Connect you exchange account (API)
  • 3. Create new bot and configure the settings
  • 4. Link your Dotoshi bot with a TradingView alert. The automation process will depend on the type of the trading script.
  • 5. Start trading with TradingView.